Thursday, January 21, 2021

Birding Highlights from 2020 - The Tradition Continues!


I had stunning looks at this Black Neck Stilt in April this year. I never posted it to reduce the risk of covid-19 transmission to birders and the community.

This last year of birding was my tenth year of birding. I think I have personally plateaued a little in terms of my birding efforts. I have not gone out as much as I have in the past because I have many challenges on my plate (work, family etc). Even still - I like to reflect on highlights from the previous year - if only for my own notes and memories. I have occasionally met birders who have read my blog -- and if I can inspire someone to get into birdwatching with this blog and my humble notes and observations... then it is especially worth the effort and time to blog and document. 

Something worth noting when looking back at 2020 - was that we were in the midst of a Pandemic from March 2020- onward. There were several challenges with birding during spring migration because of fear of large gatherings of people. So places like Point Pelee and Hillman Marsh in Essex County had locked their doors to the Public. Even just posting the location of a rare bird was discouraged for fear of large crowds gathering and breaking physical distancing measures. 

January February 2020

Lesser Black Backed Gull

Eastern Meadowlark

March 2020

Purple Sandpiper at Rondeau Park (6km walk but worth it!)

April 2020

May 2020 - 

Since Point Pelee was closed - birders in Essex County had to be more creative in their efforts. Many birders birded Holiday Beach, Ojibway Park (Malden Park, Black Oak, Tom Joy Woods) , Sadlers Pond plus many other local patches. One pretty nice highlight in May was seeing a Prothonotary Warbler at Black Oak Heritage Park. 

Brown Thrasher Singing from my back yard!!!

I got a chance to see how amazing Sadlers' Pond can be in the heart of Essex. Perhaps this walk was the single best birding outing of the year. And it was late in May ... May 23rd Perhaps?

June 2020

I was able to get a single butterfly lifer this year --- A Bog Copper in London ON!  This year was a breakout year for Tawny Emporers. This one below taken with my cell -phone at Black Oak Heritage Park. 

Bird-wise - I had FINALLY lifered the stunningly beautiful Scissor Tailed Flycatcher!!! 

July 2020 - 

August 2020

August can be a great month for southbound migrants - such as these two rare shorbirds - Red Knot and Western Sandpiper. 

November 2020

This year was a great year for migrating "Winter Finches". I have seen most of them but sadly --- I missed seeing the Evening Grosebeaks and the Crossbills... You can't win em' all I guess.... Amazingly --- I did see lots of Pine Sisken, Purple Finches, Red breasted Nuthatches, and even a lifer CAVE SWALLOW!

December 2020

I'm a little surprised how good December has been! I have seen Common Redpolls a few times, as well as Northern Shrike, Rough-legged Hawk and even a stunning adult male, pure-white Snowy Owl! I was able to witness the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which peaked on the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st. 

So there you have it... this year in review.  I plan on making a separate review for my mothing efforts, which were so good, they deserve their own page. I'm not a particularly talented birder or photographer --- but looking back ---- I think I show lots of passion to get out and observe nature. Also, many of these sightings are based off communications from a great community of birdwatchers in Windsor, Essex, and Ontario!

Good birding in 2021!




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