Sunday, April 5, 2020

Pandemic Birding - Early April 2020

At the expense of stating the obvious - we are in the midst of a (once in a century) pandemic and governments around the world are issuing social distancing and stay at home orders.

Over the last two weeks - I have been quarantined and working from home. My Wife, two boys and myself have practiced social distancing - but we also like to do daily physical activity - which sometimes involves walking around one of Ojibway's parks here in Windsor.

Black Oak Heritage Park is one of my favorites, as well as Spring-garden.

Over the last week or two, I have seen several new birds migrate into Essex County - such as Eastern Phoebes, Eastern Towees, Winter Wren, Tree Swallows, Fox Sparrows, Field Sparrows and Yellow rumped Warbler.

April is a great month to find Yellow bellied sapsucker, and Blue headed Vireos will be seen as April moves on. If one is lucky, you might even see Louisiana Waterthrush in mid April.

There has been a great horned owl nest in Amherstburg, I couldn't help but go see it this weekend.  It was on the way to Holiday Beach so its always nice to see this famous raptor out in nature.

Interestingly, today - I found a Great Horned Owl perched in a tree at Ojibway, and it hopped into a nearby nest with a baby owl present!

Finally, this last week revealed my first-of-season butterflies. I had seen two commonly early species - Mourning Cloak and Eastern Comma.

It will be interesting to see how birding during this migration will be. Many of the federal and provincial parks are not open - so it will be interesting to see if access to these parks can be granted in May.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Good birding & naturalizing,


Its always nice  (and hear!) to see new species  during springtime!

This Phoebe might have a tick in its mouth - maybe...

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