Friday, August 9, 2019

Part 5 of 7 - Birding Cave Creek Canyon - Portal AZ

So, I had only gotten to Cave Creek Cayon at around 5pm on Thursday Aug 1st - and I was a little amazed at how nice the place was, but also, how remote it was. There were no gas stations, no cell phone service, it was very , very remote. There was one restaurant!

I didn't realize this until I was there - but the canyon walls have giant cave holes - hence the name of the canyon.

A nice place to stop in this area is the Cave Creek Ranch - which has accommodations, a nice lobby with lots of nature, history and artwork, wifi, and best of all, amazing feeders and habitat.

My time at Cave Creek Canyon was brief. I only had about 4 hours on Friday morning. My approach to birding the area was to walk up the south fork pathway, drive to the research station, and stop occasionally on the road to followup on bird song.

One bird that I really wanted to see here was a Mexican Chickadee - but I was late in realizing that this bird is only found at some of the higher elevations in the Chiricahua mountain range. Its not really found in Cave Creek Canyon itself.

This pretty well sums up the 3-day trip to Arizona. I was able to see about 50 new species of birds, and about 20 new species of butterflies (featured in my next posting) which was a pretty good run in my opinion.

Friday Aug 2nd 2019
11. Cave Creek Canyon, (Portal) Arizona 85632, USA
 Western Screech Owl 453
 Scaled Quail 454
 Graces Warbler 455
 Painted Redstart 456
 Yellow Eyed Junco 457
 Blue throated Hummingbird 458
 Elegant Trogon 459

Good birding!
Arizona is absolutely wonderful!


PS: A few Bonus Videos... Amazing...

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