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Birding Southeast Arizona - 4 Day Birding Blitz - July Aug 2019

Birding Southeast Arizona in July August - 7 Part Series!
1. Overview of Trip (This Posting!)
2. Day 1 - Birding Tucson Mountain Park, Tumacácori & Madera Canyon
3. Day 2 - Birding Brown Canyon Ranch, Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve , Box Canyon
4. Day 3 Birding Miller Canyon, San Pedro House Riparian Area, Chiricahua National Monument
5. Day 4  Birding Portal Cave Creek Canyon
6. Butterfly Watching in Southeast Arizona
7. Southeast Arizona Hummingbirds Seen in late July 2019

Over the last 4 Days - I was fortunate to be able to head to Southeast Arizona to bird (arguably) one of the best areas in the US.  The views of the desert, the geography, the birds, butterflies and plants I observed was stunningly beautiful. The people in the US - everyone that I met - were always so friendly and welcoming. It really was an amazing trip.

I wanted to write a good quality series of postings to document my trip and also - share information with anyone that is planning on birding this area. I did lots of research and spoke to Steve Pike who had birded this area several years ago.

On my phone, I had made a google keep text file of all the lifers I had found on this trip, and the list below is a summary of the ten areas I visited and the noteworthy life birds I had seen.  Of course, I am also going to try to ebird my sightings - such as this ebird checklist from Cave Creek Canyon I just entered:

I went from 411 --> 459 species ... which is about ~50 species (all photographed!) of new birds that I have never seen. I also photographed and seen about 20 new butterfly species as well.

Birding Southeast Arizona (50 Lifer Species in 3 Days?)

Tuesday July 30th 2019:
1. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 2021 N Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743, USA
Cactus Wren 412
Verdin 413
Brown Crested Flycatcher 414
Curve billed Thrasher 415

2. Tumacácori National Historical Park (Santa Cruz River)
Road Runner 416
Bridled Titmouse 417
Lesser Goldfinch 418
Gila Woodpecker 419
Phainlopepla 420
Tropical Kingbird 421

3. Madera Canyon, Arizona 85614, USA
Black throated Hummingbird 422
Rivoli's Hummingbird (Magnificent Hummingbird) 423
Broad billed Hummingbird 424
Hepatic Tanager 425
Arizona Woodpecker 426

3.5 Sierra Vista Highway
Harris's Hawk 427

Wednesday July 31st 2019:
4. Brown Canyon Ranch, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650, USA
Dusky Capped Flycatcher 427
Acorn Woodpecker 428
Ladder Backed Woodpecker 429
Canyon Towhee 430
Botteri's Sparrow 431
Montezuma Quail 431 (Heard only)
Anna's Hummingbird 432
Pyrrhuloxia 433
Mexican Jay 434
Ladder backed Woodpecker 435

5. Ramsay Canyon, 27 E Ramsey Canyon Rd (Nature Conservancy), Hereford, AZ 85615, USA

6. Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve Visitor Center, 150 Blue Heaven Road, Patagonia, AZ 85624, USA (And Paton Hummingbird Center)
Violet Capped Hummingbird 436
Black Phoebe 437
Inca Dove 438
Gambels Quail 439
Cassin's Sparrow 440 (grasslands between canyons)
Phainopepla 441

7. Box Canyon (East of Madera Canyon)
Five-lined Sparrow 442
Ruffous capped Sparrow 443
Black throated Sparrow 444
Varied Bunting 445

Thursday Aug 1st 2019

8. Miller Canyon, Sierra Vista Southeast, AZ 85615, USA
Grey Hawk 446
Broad tailed Hummingbird 447

9. San Pedro House (Riparian Preserve), Sierra Vista, AZ 85650, USA
Albert's Towhee 448
Gilded Flicker 449

10. Chiricahua National Monument (
Sulphur-bellied flycatcher 450
Chihuahuan Raven 451
Cassin's Kingbird 452

Friday Aug 2nd 2019
11. Cave Creek Canyon, (Portal) Arizona 85632, USA
Western Screech Owl 453
Scaled Quail 454
Graces Warbler 455
Painted Redstart 456
Yellow Eyed Junco 457
Blue throated Hummingbird 458
Elegant Trogon 459

Elegant Trogon - "the" bird to find at Cave Creek Canyon in Portal AZ

Interactive Google Map of the 10 Locations I visited: LINK

Good Birding!

Bonus Video: Western Screech Owl Roosts at the Bed and Breakfast I stayed at!

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