Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 10th Birding at Point Pelee

*Note: This posting was written on May 10th so its already a little dated in terms of context etc*

I took a "personal day" today (May 10th) and had the day off from work. After reading predictions from Ken Kaufman's blog and hearing all the rain last night, I figured that today would be a pretty good day at Point Pelee. I did get 85 or so species --- not bad considering I didn't even go to the Hillman Marsh shorebird cell.

Its strange - I don't know if the years of experience under my belt, or if its because I'm getting older, but I just don't seem to feel like there are many birds to look at when I go out. Its almost like I start to get  a little bored and I want to go home after lunch time. Maybe this Saturday will be a major "wave" day ... who knows.

One of my day's highlights was to see a Philadelphia Vireo near White Pine.  I also saw a White eyed vireo - which I think has been several years since I've seen one.  I found the Phily Vireo when I walked back to White Pine to put my jacket away. I found the white-eyed vireo by following a strange call that I was hearing out on woodland nature trail. The call sounded a little like "Quick three beers" --- but not convincingly enough like an Olive sided Flycatcher call. I ended up seeing the White eyed a surprisingly close views.

Other quick observations:
*Another bird that I have not seen for a while (years) was a Northern Mockingbird.
*I've had 2/2 attempts at seeing Kentucky Warbler on my last two trips to Point Pelee.
*I dipped on a reported female Cerulean Warbler today. I don't think I've ever photographed one - although I feel that I saw one many years ago at Skunks Misery.

On a side note, my phone - (LG G5) has an "LG Health App" which kind of acts like a "fit bit". One thing that my phone does is count my steps on a daily basis. Today I had the most steps I've ever taken since I've started using that option --- 22,000 steps --- over 16km!

Good birding!

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