Saturday, May 5, 2018

Lawrences Warbler "Lifer" at Point Pelee

Today at Point Pelee - things seemed to be a little "slow". There seemed to be fewer birds in the park than it seemed that were present earlier in the week. Yet, even still, there were some great birding opportunities.

Some highlights for the day include Northern Waterthrush, Prothonotary Warbler, Lawrence's Warbler [link], Worm eating Warbler and Kentucky Warbler!

The Lawrence's Warbler is a hybrid between Golden-winged and Blue winged Warbler, but occurs much less frequently than the Brewsers Warbler (someone mentioned 1/16 ... but I'm not sure if that is correct). I noticed this bird while eating a sausage at a picnic table near the visitor center tram loop.  I noticed the warbler (which I thought was a "brewsters") and went to notify Josh who was sitting nearby. It flushed behind the VC and was found again by Tim Arthur [link] and Paul Nicholson [link] seemed to have found it and alerted us about the bird. I think hundreds of people had a nice chance to see the bird. Just a heads up that Laurences Warbler can't officially count as a lifer, as it is not a distinct species. But still, its a mega rarity!!!

I ended up with about 80 species, and I did not really go see Hillman Marsh, Wheatley or scan the water for waterfowl species. 

Good birding!

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