Monday, April 23, 2018

Brown Thrasher, Bluebird and Pine Warbler at Black Oak Heritage Park

Every year at this time - I get into a mode of "I'm going to go for a nature walk every day after work".  Since I have a day job and kids, I might only get one hour a day to be outside, so Ojibway is close enough to my house to spend the majority of that time birding and not driving.  Pelee would be nice, but since its over 1 hour away from Windsor, I can't really make a round trip in anything less than ... 5 hours --- which is a big time commitment!

It was 22C in Windsor today. I walked Black Oak Heritage Park for one hour between 4-5pm. It was not really too birdy, but the few birds I ran into were pretty good. Here are some highlights:

*Eastern Bluebird mating pair (Male Singing!)
*Flicker, Downy and Red Bellied Woodpeckers
*Brown Thrasher singing its paired mimid song... amazing!
*Pine Warbler
*Yellow bellied Sapsucker (brief look)
*5 or so Rusty Blackbirds (foraging low)

This is my third separate Pine Warbler sighting so far!

Good Birding!

1 comment:

  1. We finally got some nice weather today and one needed to get outdoors! I finally saw my first Pine Warbler of the year today.



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