Sunday, April 22, 2018

4-20 Weekend Birding @ Ojibway & Pelee

The weather this weekend in Windsor & Essex was finally spring-like and I made an effort to get outside and do some birding!  Some highlights this weekend were nice looks at Pine Warbler at Point Pelee, Eastern Towhees singing on location at Ojibway, and Carolina Wrens and Winter Wrens.

Some of the areas that I walked/biked on Saturday was Ojibway's Black Oak Heritage Park and Spring Garden  - both of which are great areas to walk.

Some new birds for the year at Ojibway included 3 Eastern Towhees singing on territory along the Titcombe pathway.

Oakwood Forest (adjacent to Ojibway Park) has some surprisingly good birding and botany opportunties. Hepatica flowers have finally broken though the oak leaves that litter the forest floor. A female Yellow bellied Sapsucker was present as well a nice breeding-plumaged Yellow rumped Warbler. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet showed me its Ruby Crown feathers as I foolishly tried to photograph it.

Butterflies seen over the last week include what one might expect: Mourning Cloak, Eastern Comma and Cabbage White.

I noticed a huge flock of noisy blackbirds at Black Oak Heritage Park last Friday and it slowly dawned on me that there were hundreds of Rusty Blackbirds in the tree-tops!

Sunday morning (this morning) I was at Point Pelee at about 10am and started off at Delaurier Trail. I was happy to see Ellen Smout and a group of OFO birders as I got out of my car. Ellen found this nice Pine Warbler. She hinted that this might be the best bird of the day (it was).

At the risk of stating the obvious, things see to be a little later this year than normal. The winter like conditions of the last few weeks may have something to do with that.  Good birding!

PS: I had an Eastern Phoebe in my back yard, as well as a Hermit Thrush this weekend!

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