Friday, April 7, 2017

Early April Migrants at Ojibway Park

After work today I went to Ojibway Park to soak in some sunshine and see if I could find some good birds. I had a surprisingly good walk! I was pleasantly surprised to see and hear several Winter Wrens for example. I watched a Hairy Woodpecker excavating a cavity. It would be really neat to see a breeding pair at Ojibway this spring!

I was also delighted to see my first breeding-plumaged Yellow rumped Warbler. Eastern Phoebe, Northern Flickers, Hermit Thrush were seen as well. It really is an amazing time of the year.

On April 2nd, I had my first Red Admirals for the year along with a pair of Eastern Commas. Its amazing to thing that last year, Rick and I had seen an early Red Admiral in Mid March! I don't think this species is well understood as to whether it winters in SW Ontario or if its a migrant from states to the south of us.

Good Birding!

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  1. I think the weather has finally straightened around today! A few Yellow-rumped Warblers were trickling through.
    Thanks for the email today!



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