Saturday, April 15, 2017

Black necked Stilts at Windsor's Ganatchio Trail

GPS coordinate for the Wetland where the birds where:

This afternoon, Jeremy Bensette called me and asked me to followup on an E-bird report that a birder - Samantha Dundas had posted at about 1pm this afternoon. She had listed 7 Black necked Stilts! Jeremy suggested that they were along riverside drive, so ask I drove to East Windsor, I ended up using the ebird checklists' pinpoint as my GPS destination point. I was familiar with the wetlands at Ganatchio as I walk that path a few times per year with my family.

I really didn't think the Stilts would pan out - but low and behold --- wow! 7 gorgeous stilts were in the middle of that wetland. Of course, I quickly informed Jeremy that yes- they were present. 

My intention was to post the birds to Ontbirds, and state: "Please see the attached Ebird list for the location and the finder"... the intention was there ... but ya, I suck at typing on my phone, with its slow performance out in the field. Also, in the presence of good birds - typing somehow becomes difficult for me :).

I felt bad as the day wore on  - I was at my mother in laws house eating festive Easter dinners. But yes, even some local Essex birders requested details about where these birds were. 

I will go at 7am Easter Sunday to see if they are there still and report a yes / no to ontbirds.

Its amazing to think that there were flocks of these beautiful shorebirds (35 Avocets at Hillman and these 7 Stilts at Ganatchio) that settled into the region last night. And at least in this location, a local birder had the skill to ID them and ebird them... Amazing!

Good Birding!


  1. Lucky you, Dwayne....nice to be close to the right spot at the right time and get some decent pics to prove it!

  2. Thanks Allen, I was lucky to be in the area - and lucky to be able to followup on that great find. Capturing the birds with photography is always fun as well!-DM



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