Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mid-April Pelee Birding - Pine, Audubon's Warbler ... and an early Upland Sandpiper?

Another quick posting. I have an exam on Wed of this week so blogging time is minimized. I did get out to Pelee this morning for a nice walk and got to see many of the birds I was hoping to see.

I parked at White Pine and walked through cactus field, then to Tildens, up Shuster Trail to the Visitor Center Parking Lot. I then took Woodland Nature Trail to  Post Woods trail leading to Sparrow Field. I ran into Alan Wormington and Steve Pike who mentioned Audubon's Warbler near the tip of Pelee. I then took the West Beach Footpath all the way back up West Beach to White Pine.

I would love any comments on the last photo in this group. I went by the 'radio tower fields' near amherstburg and photographed what I thought were two meadowlarks on a wire. After looking at my photos --- I think I might have photographed a Meadowlark with an Upland Sandpiper! See the link that I provided below of a photo of these two birds on a wire. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Yesterday I went to Holiday Beach and photographed this Forster's Tern which was catching fish in the water just about twenty feet from the edge of the marsh.

I photographed an Eastern Meadowlark at a grassy radio tower field, and ... I think I may have photographed an Upland Sandpiper along with the Meadowlark .... What do you think? Here is a picture online of an Eastern Meadowlark and an Upland Sandpiper beside each other on a wire.

Good Birding!

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