Sunday, April 24, 2016

Late April Birding at Ojibway

Happy Earth Day! It seems like a few new migrants trickled in during the last week but even still, some of the mid to late April birds didn't really seem to show up yet. It seems like I might have missed the wave of Yellow bellied Sapsuckers this year - having only seen two at Point Pelee in the earlier part of the month. Louisiana Waterthrush hasn't seemed to have been spotted as much as one might expect. 

Two new migrants I spotted this week were House Wrens - which are singing on location at Ojibway Park since Wed this week. Another nice arrival was Green Heron today at Malden Park. 

On the day that I had seen my first House Wren for the year, I had also seen a Winter Wren, and ironically- heard a Carolina Wren while I was picking my son up from his school.  I was wondering if a three wren species day is noteworthy --- probably not --- as a good walk at Pelee could reveal 4-5 wren species - adding sedge and marsh types to the mix. Just thought it might be worth mentioning.

At one point this week while walking with my family in toe, my son screamed --- "Ahhh -- a bumble bee" and I scrouched down to look at the bee with my son and reminded him --- 'don't be scared when you see a bumble bee --- be scared when you don't see one'.... My little tidbit of earth-day wisdom for this posting.

Oakwood Park in Windsor (which is part of the Ojibway Complex) is already carpeted with blooming yellow Trout Lilies. A few other species of unidentified flowers were present as well. 

I had a scope set up in my son's room to keep an eye on the great horned owl nest out back and I had moved it to the trunk of my car - anticipating a trip to the Hillman shorebird cell as of late. It was suggested to me that I should check if the Owlets had hatched and sure enough -- it seems there are at least two in this nest. Pretty exciting!

Next weekend - I think I will be on Pelee Island with the Windsor Essex Field Naturalists. I'm excited to go because I've never been to this jewel of an island. Hopefully the group will be doing some serious birding ... or else I might have to break off on my own ;-p

Good birding!

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