Sunday, October 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend Birding

Orange crowned Warbler Flitting About in the Delaurier Savannah Goldenrod
I walked West Beach of Pelee with Jeremy Bensette & Alan Wormington on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous, but overall it was quiet. My best bird might be a Red breasted Nuthatch- called out by Jeremy. I must admit that I heard the nuthatch call, but can't really distinguish between a white breasted and red breasted by their calls yet. Some birds seen include: Lincolns Sparrow, Kingfisher, Sharp/Coopers,  Bald Eagle, Turkey Vulture, Horned Grebe, House Wren, Orange and Ruby crowned Kinglets ... but not much else was seen. 

Before my west beach walk I had stopped by Delaurier which was really good just north of the parking lot. The goldenrod was crawling with Kinglets with a Blue headed Vireo and at least three Orange crowned Warblers. I must admit I was confused between Tenessee and Orange Crowned, but the "blurry" chest and Yellow undertail coverts are diagnostic. Another Lincoln's Sparrow, Eastern Phoebes, Dark eyed Juncos were also abundant along the edge of the parking lot.

Before Delaurier, I went to Road 21 on the east side of Hillman Marsh which - to my amazement - was a dry farm field completely drained of water and birds from the weekend previous.  I also really wanted to go out to Blenheim SL this weekend, but I just did not have the 3-hour round trip time resources.

Seeing the Red breasted Nuthatch was one of the days highlights as I was not expecting to see any after reading this years Winter Finch Forecast. On the way out of the park, a Red-Morph Eastern Screech Owl caught my eye!

American Snout Butterfly on Shorts' Aster - Point Pelee

A few good butterflies were seen by Alan, Jeremy and myself:

  1. E Tailed Blue
  2. American Snout
  3. Painted Lady
  4. Question Mark
  5. Cabbage White
  6. Orange Sulphur
  7. Clouded Sulphur
  8. Common Buckeye
  9. Monarch
  10. Pearl Crescent
  11. Mourning Cloak

It would have been nice to see a southern lepidopteric overshoot... You will have to go to Blakes blog to see the Ocola Skipper seen at Rondeau.

Some decent birds have been spotted in my back yard this week. Earlier in the week, I had another tail-pumping Palm Warbler flitting about. I had a Blue-headed Vireo this morning (Sunday) which blew my mind. Another great thing about my backyard is that over the last week or two, I have seen White crowned and White throated Sparrows, and on occasion, I hear partial white crowned sparrow songs --- while sipping my morning coffee!  I also noted some Yellow bellied Sapsuckers (from randolph street) while walking today, and when I went back to go take photos, I also noted a Juv red-headed woodpecker!

Happy Thanksgiving & Good Birding!

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  1. Thanks for the mention!
    Good photo of the Snout--one species I did not get yesterday.



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