Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sabine's Gull & Little Gull at Hillman Marsh

Sabine's Gull near Point Pelee
The OFO Convention that took place at Point Pelee this weekend brought in many great birders from across the province. It was also reported recently that Sabine's Gulls (Xema sabini) were seen near Rondeau a rare bird for sure.  So this morning at about 10:30am, I was amazed to see that a Sabine's Gull was found near Hillman Marsh. I have been feeling a little under the weather lately so I almost did not twitch this beautiful gull.

Many birders were around when I arrived and Jeremy Bensette quickly had me looking at Red-necked Phalarope and Little gulls. Barb C had re-found the Sabine's Gull after it had not been seen for a while. It was hard to pick out because by this time in the afternoon, it was cold, windy and raining. The bird came close to the road for a brief time then flew back a few hundred meters. While it was in flight, I managed to get a few diagnostic photos of its beautiful wing plumage. This is a life bird for me ... and one I had been hoping to see for the last few years.

Because I was sick, I did not stay in the Pelee area too long. Lots of familiar faces around to see this rare gull - Blake, Barb, Jeremy, Rick, Kevin and more! Not much else too exciting this week. I found a few migrants at Ojibway, along with a few patches of Little Bluestem - a wild prairie grass that grows at Ojibway.

Good birding!

Life bird summary:
Mississippi Kite 394
Grey Flycatcher 395
Sabine's Gull 396

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  1. Good to see you again yesterday, albeit brief in horrible weather!
    Some good birds!



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