Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pacific Loon, Kentucky Warbler and a Field of Golden Plovers

American Golden Plovers in Breeding Plumage - How Cool Are They?
Migrating Golden Plovers
I birded Point Pelee this Saturday May 9th, and started off in the Onion Fields of all places. I wanted to follow up on a recent report of 300 American Golden Plovers! I think there may have been 50-70 Golden Plovers when I was looking at them but still, very nice to see these avian gems in their breeding plumage.

Upon entering the park, my friend Rick suggested that I stop at Dunes, where a Kentucky Warbler had just been recently ontbirded. That ended up being some of the best birding of the day as a very shy Kentucky Warbler was seen, a Canada Warbler, Chestnut Sided, and a Grey cheecked Thrush were all seen at this spot.

Later on in the day, I ended up seeing a few more great species - my first of season Red headed Woodpecker and Bay breasted Warbler.

I had to leave Pelee at about 4PM to get back to Windsor for a dinner outing, but of course, as I was leaving the park I checked my email just in case a mega rarity had been reported... Pacific Loon at NW Beach!!!!

Pacific Loon at Point Pelee

Wow - an awesome bird! I saw one a few years ago through Jean Iron's scope but this was my first chance at getting a decent look at it and perhaps even a diagnostic photo.

Good birding!

PS: Has anyone else noticed the influx of Red Admirals this week? They are everywhere and its almost reminiscent of Spring 2012. Could this mean that this year is going to be another good year for butterfly watching?

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