Sunday, April 21, 2013

I snooze, I lose

I had the green light to go to Pelee this morning, but decided to stay closer to home and wait a little longer for things to really get going in later April (I snoozed).  That was a bad idea, as it was a pretty good day at Pelee and my nemisis bird was there today, easily seen... Worm-eating Warbler.  (I losed).

I did have some nice birds in Windsor this weekend though. I had two distant Common Loons (rare for me) at Peche Island in East Windsor. Saturday at Ojibway Park was surprisingly good. Four warblers were seen including Yellow-rumped, Pine, Ovenbird and Yellow Warblers seen. Two male purple finches lounged at the feeders in nice sunlight... a real treat.  Just a few feet from the finches, an Ovenbird foraged on the ground giving face-melting views of this thrush-like warbler.


The Blue Grosbeak is still being seen at Ojibway now for the third day.  He is easily seen from the visitor center window, where he skulks around in the weedy grasses and brushpiles.

Some target birds that I would love to see during this season would be:

Kirtlands Warbler
Worm-eating Warbler
Prairie Warbler
Kentucky Warbler
Golden winged Warbler
Henslows Sparrow
Vesper Sparrow
Grasshopper Sparrow

Any eight of these birds would be lifers, so if you see them... text me (maybe)!

Yours in birding,


  1. I've had a few of those trips too making the wrong choice of location. Ironically, I missed Forster's Terns on my last "wrong" trip which I see you got that day. Cool shot with the fish going down the hatch on one of them. Love the shot of the Ovenbird!

  2. You will eventually get these birds. Sometimes they will come to you! That is the way I look at it.
    Many years ago I came home from Rondeau (saw a Worm-eating Warbler) and there was one working around my yard!!



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