Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue Grosbeak at Ojibway!

This afternoon I birded Hillman Marsh and had the intention of birding a few paths at Point Pelee to try my luck with some mid April migrants. Hillman was really good... I had seen tons of duck species, Dunlin, Yellowlegs, Horned Grebe (directly under the Hillman Bridge), as well as some seasonal passerines including Blue-grey Gnatcatcher. Upon entering the front gate at Point Pelee, I figured I would check my email on my phone, so see if any good (local) Ont-bird postings were reported for this afteroon. Of course, the Blue Grosbeak posting came up, but I was still wanting to walk the Woodland Nature Trail at Pelee. The trail was good, my best bird was a Blue headed Vireo (see below). But, I couldn't help but want to rush out of Pelee to see the Blue Grosbeak at Ojibway Park.

Upon arival to Ojibway, lots of familiar birders were around. Jeremy Bensette pointed out the bird to me and I was able to get great looks at it, both from outside and inside the visitor center. (the second photo above is from inside the visitor center). Tom Preney found the Grosbeak this morning, and I can't even imagine how exciting that would have been to see this bird. That deep blue colour along with its chestnut coloured wingbars was awesome to see.... an exciting lifer!

Wow... Love this bird!

Full-frame shot of a Horned Grebe, just meters from the Hillman Marsh Bridge.


 Ojibway park has been great this week, ... First of Season Eastern Towhees easily seen along with many other great birds such as Eastern Bluebirds, Fox Sparrows, both Kinglets and this Yellow bellied Sapsucker. A belted Kingfisher was on site at Malden, and Jeremey had even seen a Green Heron there as well.
E-birding fans will be happy to know that I'm reporting more. It feels good to contibute to e-bird rather than just be a viewer of its statistical data. Got to cut it short here!

Good birding!

Blue Grosbeak (#329)

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  1. Wow and congrats on the Blue Grosbeak! What is it doing way up north here? I like you're Dunlin picture.



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