Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Snow Geese in Ridgetown

Last Thursday (March 15th) I drove up to Ridgetown SL to check out some reported Geese that included Greater White Fronted & Snow Geese. There were probably about12 Snow Geese. I almost did not see these guys as they were in the absolute farthest corner of the SL. Upon seeing white birds, I was almost positive they were Swans, but sure enough, black primary wing extensions were seen and a new lifer was added.

Killdeer 5
Northern Shoveler 10
Ring necked Duck 10
Bufflehead  10
Canvasback 30
Redhead  30
Great Blue Heron 1
Horned Lark 2
Ring billed Gulls 20
Canada Geese 100

Life list math ... Does one good goose negate a bad one?
A while back, I saw a Barnacal Goose at Jack Miners, not in a cage, but just free roaming with some Canada Geese, it was cool to see, (and to try and find out the name of this unknown bird at the time). But due to a recent Ontbirds email by A.W.  about the validity of the recently seen Smew, I feel I will trade in the Snow Geese for the Barnacal Goose that was seen a while back. So, my life list is at 295, and the Barnacle Goose will be replaced with the Snow Goose.

Youtube, Cornell & Warblers
I also subscribe to Cornell's Youtube Channel, and could not help but to share (via embedding) this amazing video on viewing warblers.

Good Birding,

PS: Did you know that it is Groundwater Awareness Week? Read more at this link:

Lagoon Directions(from Blake Mann): Ridgetown is about 30 minutes east of Chatham. Exit 401
at Rd. 21 (#109) and head south. From the main corner in Ridgetown at Erie
St. and Main St., follow Erie St. north about 1.5 km to Mitton Line/Palmer
St. Turn left onto Mitton Line and go past fertilizer plant. Lagoons are
on the south (left) side and you will see a viewing stand. Do not enter
beyond fence.
You can also view the north ponds by driving up the laneway on the north side of Mitton and around the buildings.

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