Friday, October 14, 2011

Comber Shorebirding Still Excellent...v3

There are five Species in this photo... You gotta love shorebirding!
Ok, this is my last Comber Shorebirding posting... I promise!!! :-)   I went after work on Thursday this week. It was cloudy but I figured I'd go anyway. I figured shorebirding will give some variety that I am not getting so much of at Holiday Beach's Raptor Festival (aka Hawktoberfest). Anyway, I walked through the muddy field in Comber to see what was out there and well... It's still pretty good! 20 Hudsonian Godwits, and 7 Long billed Dowitchers along with hundreds of Black bellied Plovers and fewer Golden Plovers in the mix.  White rumped Sandpipers, a single Juv Baird's along with Pectoral Sandpipers were around as well.

This photo below is pretty cool. The resting shorebirds flew up at one point and I took a few photos. I left this full size and uncropped. I enjoy just scanning through this image and seeing how many birds I can see. Blogger has been implementing a feature to browse the images in a given posting, but I prefer just seeing the original. If you want to see the original even in that tool, you can click the link that is referenced at the bottom of the page to see the original. 

Sleeping (Juv) White rumped Sandpipers
7 Long billed Dowitchers.  A Black bellied Plover on the left and a Golden on the right.

Juv Baird's Sandpiper.

Its funny how during my 1-hr birding session, I didn't see a single person. I didn't say a single word. I just made my way out into this field, chosing a path that best allowed me not to get muddy and also would be the best approach in an effort not to flush the resting shorebirds. I would walk 10m then stop, look around through binoculars, consider a 'path' to take then walk another 10m, crouch down, stay crouched, take photos, and so on. One cool thing I noticed about shorebirding was that if you just stand there (at 30m or so) and just wait, some birds will leave periodically and some will arrive making the viewing experience surprisingly dynamic. The "Bairds" above (I might be mistaken... it could be a white rumped) was not in this group of birds but just ended up flying in by itself. It orientated itself with the other birds and went on its way with foraging etc. So cool to witness nature like this. So few other people do it... its what makes birding so fun in my opinion.

Next weekend I will go back to Holiday Beach and hopefully see some late October raptors. I'm really hoping to see a Saw-whet Owl this fall.  Even though this posting is a little repetitive from the last, I still like posting some photos online or else they are easily forgotten. Also, one day I am going to go through and put all my birding trips into E-Bird.
Good birding!-Dwaynejava

As requested: Map Directions. Sorry I didn't post this earlier, I assumed readers had the original Ontbirds Posting.,+-82.548441&hl=en&ll=42.287897,-82.549124&spn=0.008191,0.01929&sll=42.285993,-82.548051&sspn=0.008191,0.01929&vpsrc=0&gl=ca&t=h&z=16

About 20 Godwits congregated after being flushed by a Northern Harrier


  1. I have no idea where this place is Dwayne. That's a great hour of birding!
    What I love about birding is the excuse it gives me to be out enjoying Nature. There are usually surprises and awesome moments that are beyond words to describe.
    Aside from my gas money and initial investment in glass, it's free and always available. Even when I don't see one darn bird and only hear them, there are so many other aspects to keep me satisfied.
    I don't know much about birding but I do know I love doing it! :D

    Did you make it to The Big Year opening? If you did, I hope you post about it and let us know how you liked it (or not).

    Don't get blown away this weekend! Boy is it windy out.

  2. Fitcetera, thanks for the comments. I have many days myself that I go out and not see much. Anyway, I've updated this posting with a link to a google map of exactly where this field is. You can then make direction from that point to Windsor Etc. Long story short, you would drive down the 401 to the hwy 77 exit, which is right after Belle River and St Jocham exits. Once you exit, turn left (north) on 77 and go past Hwy 42. After Hwy 32 go another 1-2km and park at the Agris Co-op. Walk 200m north and look on the east side of the road.

    Fitcetera, I hope you make it out there!!!

  3. Sorry the last line of the above comment should say: After **Hwy 42** go another 1-2km and park at the Agris Co-op. Walk 200m north and look on the east side of the road.

  4. Thanks Dwayne! I'm going to try to make it out there next week or tomorrow if this wind dies down.



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