Monday, October 10, 2011

Better looks at Hudsonian Godwits and Other Shorebirds in Comber

Wow... after talking to Blake Mann and Ellen Smout over the weekend, it was suggested that the best viewing was in later afternoon, as the sun setting in the west would give nice front-lit views of some incredible shorebirds. So at about 5pm today, I politely excused myself from Thanksgiving festivities and headed out to Comber for a quick 30-minute birding session. Glad I did... check out some of the pics below.

A Hudsonian Godwit flies above 20 resting shorebirds in this tightly cropped photo. Incredible.

Juv. White rumped Sandpiper (I think...)
from yesterday... Golden Plovers
Dunlin and White Rumped Sandpipers

Mix of shorebirds on the east end of the tomato field
Thanks to Ellen Smout for sharing this great find. I lifered three birds this weekend!

Good birding!

Bonus! 20 Seconds of video of Hudsonian Godwits preening and sleeping.

Lifer Summary:

American Golden Plover #284
Hudsonian Godwit #285
White rumped Sandpiper #286


  1. Congrats on the lifers, Dwayne. I'm dying to get down there this upcoming weekend - hopefully the shorebirds are still there!


  2. Congratulations on some very fine species! And the photos are excellent- well worth the wait.

  3. Congrats on the lifers, and some nice pics to boot! Looks like a pretty good shorebird spot!

  4. Thanks for the congratulatory wishes :^)

  5. You'll be at #300 soon! Wish I could add lifers at your rate. Seems to be a lot of Hudsonians around this fall.



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