Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sshhhh... The Owl is Sleeping!

I stopped by Point Pelee National Park this morning for a brisk birding walk with my good birding friend from Leamington, Rick. During the first 10 minutes of arriving at the park, I was lucky enough to see a pair of perched bald eagles to the left of the road past the park entrance. The mature Eagle took off (he got away on me again!!! The white headed adult was two feet above and three feet to the right of this juvenile, while I fumbled with my camera ....) while the juvenile gave me a few seconds to take a quick photo. Rick pointed out this beautiful Screech Owl that was sleeping close to the Sanctuary Pond lookout.

The park was quite quiet otherwise at least in the areas we visited.

Good birding!

Post Script: I was looking at this Owl this afternoon and I noticed an interesting observation. Its obvious it has its eyes closed ... but look about 1" below the closed eyes, there are dark feathers that might be mimicking "open eyes" even when he is sleeping with his eyes shut out in the open. I have looked through my field guides for any comments on this feather colouration... but nothing was found. Have I made an ornithological discovery here? LOL :-)  Either way... nature is absolutely awesome isn't it?

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  1. Interesting photos. Close encounter with the eagle! Screech Owls can be quite dopey during the day!



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