Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post PPNP CBC Visit

*** This is a posting that I started on Dec 21 but did not complete till today***

On Dec 21st (one day after the PPNP CBC), I returned to PPNP because I thought I had lost my ipod in the parking lot.  It turns out upon arriving, I found it in the door of my car... it wasn't lost at all... So I did a quick walk down Tildens Trail... I was there anyway!

 About 6-10 Yellow Rumped Warblers flew into a tree along the Tilden's trail that extends towards east beach at Point Pelee. There are trees near the bridge on Tilden's Trail with huge poison ivy vines running up their length. I noticed the vines extended out into the branches of the trees and had small bundles of berries that the warblers were eating.
 This warbler hints at having a yellowish throat but I would not be so bold to label it an Audubon's Warbler. I'm pretty sure its the Eastern Myrtle variety.
I got several nice photos of this co-operative Hermit Thrush. I have heard some photographers say cloudy weather is good to photograph in because of the defused light. Snow from the trail even bounced light up beneath this bird to make for a great exposure. This was one of those shots that I had my camera ready, the white balance properly set and a bird that responded to my trilled-whistle Screech Owl impression.

This bird above is  a perched dark-morph Rough Legged Hawk! (This site hints that it is indeed a rough legged) I've noticed that if you drive slowly along Sanctuary pond, you will see a hawk or an eagle perched in trees looking out to sanctuary pond. I wonder if they are looking for Rodents that might cross out onto the ice. I've seen several raptors perched here during my last few PPNP visits. 

There were 15 wild turkeys in the fields right where you make a dramatic right turn towards Point Pelee.

I'm really looking forward to seeing a Common Redpoll. They aren't so common in my experience!

Good Birding!


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