Friday, October 22, 2010

Winter Wrens and a few more lifers...

Wow, its been at least four Fridays in a row that I visited Holiday Beach. It really is a nice way to end off the work week! On my way into Holiday Beach, I stopped at one point because I thought I heard Pine Siskin, but it was flocks of Black Capped Chickadees (In Dogberry thickets). I heard another strange call that I was unfamiliar with... Jim from the HBMO later informed me it was a call note from a Carolina Wren Chickadee. It was sureal to be on the tower and hearing a Carolina Wren make its call notes then its Tea-Kettle, Tea-Kettle Tea kettle call!

I only had about 1.5 hours to hang out at the Hawk Tower, but I had three, maybe four lifers!

Winter Wren ( Lifer 207)
Golden Eagle (Lifer 208)
Northern Pintail (Lifer 209)
Gadwal (Lifer 210)

Some other birds seen were:
Caronlina Wren (Heard, seen, but not photographed)
Seasonal Sparrows
Major Ducks
Eastern Towhee
Red Winged Blackbirds were numerous
American Kestrel near the Query

 Eastern Comma butterfly just below the observation tower.

I've really wanted to see the Winter Wren. I was really hoping to see it because I had read that they pass through this area at this time of year. I've read so much about them in the last two weeks, I feel like had deserved to see one! I was a little shocked at how easily seen they were along the short road to the Hawk Tower. I must have photographed 2 and seen about 4 others skulking about. The first photo was the result of me pished directly near the thicket near the hawk tower for 10 seconds! The one in the photo above was all over the place. It found a small woodpecker hole and was jumping in and out of it. Perhaps he will stay the Winter? At one point, I heard this little guy even make a scolding call. You gotta love wrens!!!

This is a Golden Eagle chasing flocks of Starlings. Almost not worth posting. Jim let me view this awesome bird through his scope, but this is the best I could do with my 500mm 'bigma' lens.

 Look at this duck density behind the trout pond. There must be 7-10 species in this photo alone!

(Wood Duck, American Coot, Mallards, Northern Pintail, Gadwall, Northern Shoveler, Pied Billed Grebe    (in other panned photos American Widgeon) in hindsight... it was incredible. Hunting taking place seems to have concentrated many ducks towards the trout pond).

This is a Northern Pintail Duck.  Does anyone know what type of duck is at the top of this shot? (two thoughts are: Gadwal, & Eurasian Wigeon) Gadwal it is... Lifer! #210

Good birding!

'The End'

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  1. I think you meant Carolina "Wren" instead of "Chickadee"! Carolina Chickadee is an extreme rarity in Ontario with no recent records.
    The duck looks like a Gadwall.



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