Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fox Sparrow... Just by chance

Just a quick posting tonight. Big midterm coming up next week so I need to study!

Long story short, I visited my parents house in south Windsor tonight and found a Fox Sparrow foraging on a pathway they have in their back field. They have 5 acres of land... Many years ago a farmer used it but has since turned into a young maple forest, grass prairie with an impressive coniferous stand in the middle of it. I've seen year by year what ecological succession does! (I may suggest a prescribed burn soon :-) )

My parents just returned from California and brought me a Kaufman field guide as a gift. I already had the Sibley guide for East N. American birds... but this was a nice treat. It helped me ID this sparrow. I looked in my $2 PPNP bird checklist, and yes, I have this lifered but it is a blog lifer!

I also think I flushed an American Woodcock but I just got a fleeting glimpse of it. I'm not sure though.

Good birding!
Dwayne :-)

PS: I've developed 12 tacky jokes/puns for birding that I will post soon. But here is one I thought of today:
Q: Why was the Hawk Counter Reprimanded in Mid October?
A: He was watching TVs on the job! (Turkey Vultures)...

PSS: This is an old Reel - Lawnmower in my parents back field. This cast magnesium wheel has resisted corrosion very well. Do you know where this might of been manufactured?

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