Thursday, September 9, 2010

Solitary Sandpiper...Life list bird #200!

Solitary Sandpiper at Ojibway Park... the 200th bird on my life list!
I stopped by Ojibway tonight for a quick walk between 7-7:30pm. There wasn't too much happening bird wise... a few BC Chickadees, WB Nuthatches and many American Goldfinches were hanging out near the feeders.  On the way out of the park, I was walking along the pond and saw/heard a shorebird that looked like a spotted sandpiper. I took a few shots and noticed a major white eye ring and spotting on its back as opposed to barring... Awesome! Solitary Sandpiper!

I stopped by Holiday Beach last weekend with my wife and son and it was pretty quiet. Bob P was manning the tower and informed me that a Yellow Breasted Chat was skulking in the bushes/trees adjacent to the tower. He also pointed out an Osprey that was flying over Big Creek. We stopped by the banding station and watched the biologist weigh and band a Red Eyed Vireo and Empidonax Flycatcher.
Osprey at Big Creek in Amherstburg. Note the duck on the water.
Magee Marsh & Open Oaks Metropark in Toledo

As a continuation of my previous blog entry, I went to Magee Marsh in Ohio after Pointe Mouillee in Michigan. I was about 1 week too late in the season to see a Prothanotary Warbler, but it was nice to see the park anyway. I did see American Redstart, Warbling Vireo, Black throated Blue and Pine Warblers. It was really nice habitat, but not as birdy as Holiday Beach was. I think its better for Northward Migration and just average for southward migration.

Snake eating frog at Magee Marsh in Ohio

On the way out, a car stopped on the road in front of me, and frustrated, I went around him only to notice a snake holding a twitching frog in its fangs 1' off the road. I quickly stopped and took the photo above. I'm not sure what kind of snake it was but it was really cool. About 10 seconds after I took the photo above, the frog was completely swallowed.

Open Oaks Metropark ( in Toledo is only 1 hour south of Detroit but seems like a wonderful place to visit. They have some awesome breeding birds that are not easily found in Windsor. I would like to go back next summer.

Good birding!


  1. Congrats!!! I can only imagine how you felt when you realized what you were seeing! :)

  2. Cool post! The snake is an Eastern Garter Snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis) and the frog is a Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens).



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