Monday, June 28, 2010

It ain't easy being green.... Green Heron at Ojibway

Just a quick posting about a Green Heron that sets up residence every year at Ojibway Park. This year, this bird is a little harder to find! I finally saw him today, just hanging out in Pond in Front of Ojibway Park.  I love this bird! He actually stuck his beak skyward like his cousin, the American Bittern might do to camoflage himself with the reeds surely to be behind him.

I would love to see an American Bittern or Least Bittern, but they have proven to just be too shy for this author. I did not see much else, but I swore I heard a Brown Thrasher today at Ojibway, and of course, I saw a House Wren. They are very easily seen at Ojibway this year.

Good summer birding and butterflying!
I will post soon about a walk I did at Rotary Club Ganatchio Trail Extension. It was great last summer, and its great again this summer as well!



  1. Good one of the Green Heron! I've seen a lot of Green Herons this spring.
    One of these days you will at least see a bittern!
    I will be at Ojibway on Saturday for the butterfly count. Looks good for rarities this year.

  2. It's my anniversary this Saturday, but I might be able to get out for a few hours in the morning at least. It would be good to meet you there!

    I might try kayaking cranberry pond at PPNP to see an American Bittern. Rondeau would probably be a safe bet. I heard they are a little more active at dusk or dawn, so that makes it even more difficult for me to see them.

    I'm still amazed that you saw a Least Bittern on the West beach of PPNP.


  3. Again this might be a bit out of your birding range but Luther Marsh near Arthur, ON has been good for american bitterns. Also on a side note, surprisingly I have seen more am. bitterns in the cattail reeds than I have at the waters edge and for me early morning has been the best. Anyway, good luck. They are one of my favorites to watch.



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