Saturday, February 6, 2010

Typical Ojibway Turnout...

It was a gorgeous February day in Windsor today, so I talked my wife into going for a walk at Ojibway Park. I did a quick walk into the wildgrass preserve hoping to see an Eastern Bluebird, but nothing was there.  I went for a walk behind the Ojibway Nature center and saw the usual carolinean group of overwintering birds.

A Red-Bellied Woodpecker afforded me a few great photos in great light...

Several Tufted Titmice were hanging out as well.

Along with a Tree Sparrow & a female Cardinal.

Black capped chickadee's were all around as well... I can't wait for May!!!
I would love to see a Caronlina Wren.... I have not yet added this bird to my life list. There are so many other birds I'm dying to see. I seem to just not see some birds. I've only seen one owl in my life for example, and it was sticking its head outside of a nest box. I have to sharpen my senses!!! I can't wait for May!!!

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