Sunday, April 14, 2024

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker + Birds, Beer Cans & Burgers


I had a great look at a pair of Yellow bellied Sapsuckers today. A sexually dimorphic pair - male and female. 


Now - you might be asking about the strange title of this posting. Am I suggesting to drink and bird. Or to birdwatch inebriated? No. I just noted recently that there are beer cans and bottles all over the place and --- I wonder if anyone ever bothers to pick them up.

I have a little box in the trunk of my car, and - (this may be silly) - but I have been picking up littered beer cans and my goal is -- to make a 10x10 grid of beer cans. That would be worth $10! What could you buy with an extra ten dollars every month or so?  A burger perhaps?

This was a camp fire someone left some beers at. These cans, along with others nearby make a loonie when returned to your local beer store. Kids seem to leave beer cans near natural areas. I picked these up. I think I could easily fill up a box with beer cans like this.

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