Saturday, February 26, 2011

In search of Common Redpolls...

With the exciting posting from Blake recently about Common Redpolls near Sarnia, I have been trying to visit Ojibway Park at least weekly. Of course, no Redpolls yet, but, even just the everyday common birds that hang out are nice to see. Below I share a few...

 Nice looks at a House Finch... looks like the Spring Plumage might be starting to show up...

 I attempted to photoshop the branches behind the bird but I'll leave it...
 Two downy woodpeckers male and female doing some really strange dance... territory or mating? Don't fight over the suet feeder guys!
 WB Nuthatch
 White throated Sparrow
Dark Eyed Junco

Florida Birding Trip Update:
Well, I've booked a short trip to Florida in March. I'm really excited! I'm basically going to start my trip in Fort Myers in the South West part of the state, visit several incredible parks in the area and then drive up the east coast of Florida and hang out in Mid-Florida for some Merrit Island birding. I decided on the trip, but also decided that I'm not upgrading my camera to a Canon 7D. I'd love one, but I'm going to get another year or two out of my Canon 40D.

If anyone hears of Redpolls in Essex County, please let me know! :^)

Good birding!


*My likeness is featured on Point Pelee's website. . Thanks Crystal for letting me know!

** David Sibley's blog also featured an Owl photo I took at Point Pelee. See this link if interested:

*** Ojibway Park will soon be opening their new Nature Center. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tufted Titmouse Triptych

This posting is basically me rambling on about the last week or two. Its been a rough couple of weeks for me. I'm still sick! But, I have gone out on occasion for a short drive to Lakeview Marina or a quick trip to the county. I've even gone out to PPNP and returned not having seen much.

Yesterday (Friday) I saw my first (for the year) Red Winged Blackbird in Amherstburg. I took some photos but none came out worth posting.  A quick walk around Holiday Beach was very quiet... Robins, Red tailed Hawk and BCC's are pretty well all I saw.
Last Sunday, there was an ontbirds report of a Horned Grebe near Alexander Park (in east windsor) and I couldn't help but try to go see it. I did not see the bird but ended up seeing a Ring-necked Duck.

The waterfowl density on the Detroit River is thinning out along with the excitement of January rarities.  A recent visit to east Windsor gave views of a little brown animal (Raccoon) along with 9 or so Great blue Herons.
9 GBH's plus a Raccoon
Ojibway Park as usual offers some nice birds in this quiet time of year with nice views of Downy, Red Bellied, Hairy woodpeckers, along with Cardinals, AG & House Finches, Tufted Titmice and White breasted Nuthatches.
I wonder if I'm the first person to ever say: Tufted Titmouse Triptych

Even the feeder at my parents is eerily quiet. A short visit today netted 3 BCC's, 1 RBN and an A Goldfinch.

Today ... Nuthatch Triptych. Why can't I get a good photo of the RBN?
I am thinking about a Mid-March trip to Florida. I want to do a three-day all out birding trip starting in the everglades and moving towards mid to northern Florida. My wife would be unable to go, so I would be me by myself. Or, I'm thinking I could put that money towards a new Canon 7D and take some video at Pelee during May. Or... both a new Canon 7D and a trip to Florida to test it out? Any thoughts?

Good birding!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Running a Fool's Errands...

A friend of mine recently mentioned seeing a Short eared Owl at some crossroads in Essex County, and with the sunny weather today (Friday), I couldn't help but drive out to try and see it. My friend described  my attempt to go look for it as "Running a Fool's Errands"... I couldn't help but make reference to this poetic description of my attempt to find this rare bird. Anyway, I went for a little drive in the county after work and looked in the vicinity (from my car) and ended up not seeing the Owl.

As a consolation prize, I did notice a beautiful Eastern Bluebird perched proudly in golden sunlight as I left (indeed, this may have been the best birding moment of the day for me). Moments later, a raptor flying through a field turned out to be a beautiful Rough legged Hawk. A Sharp shinned Hawk went over my car a few minutes later. I also saw a string of Wild Turkeys along a ditch that were over 30 in number.

I finished up my trip at an old intersection in a farmer's field that I visited last year with the Ojibway Group in Amherstburg. Snow Buntings(20), Horned Larks (40) and Lapland Longspurs (8) were hanging out, at close range... But much to my sadness, my camera was not locking focus so many of my shots were simply ruined. I chose a few below but I apologize for the lack of sharpness.

Out of hundreds of photos, I went back and found this one 'gem'. The remainder are all blurry. Thanks Stuart for the insight on the snow-blinding effect on auto-focus.

The snow buntings are very rare in my personal experience. A flock went overhead during the Point Pelee CBC but this is probably the second time in my birding experience that they were hoping along on the ground in front of me.

I've been really sick lately with a bad, lingering cold. I must have had a cold for over 3 weeks now. I regret saying that I might back away from birding/blogging until I'm over this cold. A small hiatus if you will to recuperate and get better. I've been running on a deficit for the last few weeks.

Good Birding,


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