Saturday, April 22, 2023

April Birding 2023 + Poem: Nothing Gold Can Stay


Tis' the Season - Over the last few weeks I have made great efforts to go for walks every day after work. I often go to Black Oak Heritage Park - but I go to Spring Garden, Holiday Beach as well as my own back yard --- and its been fun to see some migrants coming though. 

I'm not sure if I posted this poem from Robert Frost on my blog in the past. I had come across a painting that a student drew, and I caught my interest. I thought the painting was cool, and I had looked up the quote featured on it--- it seems the painting was inspired by a poem by Robert Frost.

I think interpreting the poem can be done by the reader- but it seems the poet is just making a point that spring blossoms are so short lived. Fruit Trees, Eastern Redbuds, and even just common trees have these beautiful flowing blooms that just last maybe a week or two then are gone for another year. The poet also makes reference to that brief moment at dawn where the sunlight is golden. Gold's chemical symbol is Au - for:  Aurum - Latin for *Sparkling Dawn*. But -- blink and you miss it.

Good Birding!



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