Monday, April 8, 2024

Total Eclipse April 8th 2024 - As seen from Point Pelee + Comet 12P Pons-Brooks

Wow. I took the day off work today and made an effort to see today's Eclipse from the Tip of Point Pelee. 

It was pretty Amazing!  I've seen partial eclipses in the past but seeing totality at Point Pelee with a 360 Degree view of the un-obstructed horizon was pretty amazing. I attempted to make a video with my camera - see below:

PBS Eclipse Overview (awesome video -even in hindsight!)
CBC Eclipse Overview (awesome again)   

I've been meaning to post a few images of the most recent comet that is visible (not naked-eye visible). These images are just from the last week or two. I think this comet has since slipped below the western horizon at dusk and is probably very difficult to find at this point. It was actually visible (in theory) during the eclipse --- and I did make out Saturn and Jupiter in the darkened sky, but some hazy overcast prevented me from attempting to find it during the brief 1-2 minute totality.

Good Astonomizing!


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