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There is a mind-blowing number of plants to identify for the eager naturalist.

I will make an effort to identify some of the more note-worthy flowers or plants that are in the great lakes region and in particular - at Ojibway Park here in Windsor.

Some humble advice from me:

  • I would love to encourage anyone reading to create a native perennial garden with Milkweeds if possible. Pollinators need as much habitat as possible.
  • Try to go CHEM FREE on your lawn. 
  • Also - I want to encourage anyone reading this to never pick flowers from natural areas. Only take pictures. Try to obtain flowers from nurseries that use native plants and use ethical means of creating their stock. Demand the same from others. 
  • Do not disclose the location of endangered species/plants to anyone.
  • Grab a botany field guide or try to take photos and identify your flowers with I-naturalist.
  • Be TICK AWARE when out in natural areas. Do repeated tick checks - particularly if you venture off a pathway. 
  • Keep learning!

Some of the plants that I've found at Ojbway include:

1. Dense Blazingstar
2. Prairie Dock
3. Colic Root
4. Fringed Gentian
5. Nodding ladies Tresses
6. Big Bluestem Grass
7. Wild Bergamot
8. Butterfly Milkweed
9. Eastern Fringed Prairie Orchid
10. Foxglove Beardtongue

Ten Tallgrass Flower Species You Need to See

1. Butterfly Milkweed
2. Wild Bergamot
3. Dense Blazingstar
4. Virginia Mountainmint
5. Black eyed susans
6. Culver's Root
7. Prairie Dock
8. Big Bluestem
9. Ironweed
10. Asters and Goldenrod

11. Bonus Species:
Ladies' Tresses Orchid
Fringed Gentian
Joe pye weed
Whorled Loosestrife

Whorled Loosestrife

Slender bush Clover


Purple Twayblade
Fen Twayblade
Good botanizing!

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