This library will be to archive what I think are great resources to learn about Natural History in the Great Lakes region.

Title / Link  / Rating / Description

1. Lake St Clair Biodiversity Report  [Dropbox Backup LINK] (5/5).

2. Living in the Oak Openings [PDF link] [PDF Backup] (5/5)
Oak Openings Official Website:

3.   Map Showing the Natural Areas Remaining in Esssex County
(dropbox backup)

4. City of Windsor Report on natural inventories of selected natural remnants in Windsor
Backup: [Natural Areas Inventory for Windsor ON]

5. ERCA Essex Region Conservation Authority - Wetlands Inventory
 [dropbox backup]

6. Ontario Rare Vascular Plants   [backup]

7. Essex County Native Plant Guide

8. Toronto Area Butterfly Watching Guide

9. Rondeau Cottagers Lease expired in 2017

Part 1 -
Part 2 -    [backup]

10. Elgin County Natural Areas &  Birding

11. Sydenham Natural Areas (Lambton Area)

12. Chatham Kent Natural Areas
(First of a 10-Part series!)  [backup]

13. Sifton Bog in London ON [backup]

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