Monday, July 13, 2020

Comet - Neowise + Some Underwing Moths

I woke up this morning at 4:00 am, and headed out to Lakewood Park South, which is in Tecumseh ON. I met up with Steve Pelerin, who is a local astronomy expert. Using my 400mm lens on a cropped sensor resulted in many blurry, shaky photos. I had arrived having realized my wife removed my tripod from my car recently.

I will try to go back tomorrow with my tripod, and I might also try using different (non-telephoto) lenses.

I have been mothing alot lately - at least once per week. So far this year, I have seen at least 6 species of underwing moths, with three new lifer moths!

Below I have four that I was able to photograph:

Ultronia Underwing
Little Underwing (lifer)
Hawthorn Underwing (lifer)
White Underwing (lifer)
Ilia Underwing (not shown)
Girlfriend Underwing (not shown)

Good Astronomizing & Mothing,


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