Thursday, November 28, 2019

Snowy Owls!!!

After attending a meeting in Sarnia today, I took a small detour on my way home and was amazed to find 4 Snowy Owls!  I pulled over onto the side of the road, put my hazards on - and snapped a few photos from the comfort of my car.

The lighting was already starting to get dark and gloomy but I attempted to photograph these amazing arctic visors.

An acquaintance from work was going to carpool with me but I told her that I wanted to go birding after the meeting. She stated that she would have "Burdened my Birdin' " ... I was certainly impressed with her pun!

Other birds seen included Bald Eagle, American Kestrel and LOTS of Tundra Swans!
Good Birding!

Some Bonus Pics from last weekend in Erieau. I was hoping this was a rough legged hawk, but I think its just a common red tailed hawk. Still I had nice views in good sunlight.

I invested in Tesla a few months ago and I was really interested to see what the new tesla truck would look like. The look has grown on me. Someone on the internet put a downpayment on a truck order and posted the receipt --- It has an owl on it!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Red Phalarope at Erieau - a Rarity on a Weekend?

Just a short posting about an awesome rarity that showed up in the Chatham Kent area recently.

Red Phalarope was one of those birds I was assuming I would never see - but here we have a cute little bird that was in a very accessible location in the Erieau area on the North Shore of Lake Erie.

I had a chance to see Allen Woodliffe briefly as well as Rondeau Rick and a few other bird enthusiasts. It was so cold out though - I left soon after.

I think I had a chance to see a Rough Legged Hawk on the way home, but I'm not sure if its just a Red Tailed Hawk.

This bird is my 461st life bird species.

Lifer Summary - Last 10 species:

 Western Screech Owl 453 (AZ)
 Scaled Quail 454  (AZ)
 Graces Warbler 455  (AZ)
 Painted Redstart 456  (AZ)
 Yellow Eyed Junco 457  (AZ)
 Blue throated Hummingbird 458 (AZ)
 Elegant Trogon 459 (AZ)
 King Rail 460
Red Phalarope 461

Good Birding!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

A flock of Eastern Bluebirds

I stopped by Holiday Beach this afternoon hoping to see some late migrant raptors. I had a chance to meet this years official hawk counter - Maryse. She was a really nice person! One of the highlights this afternoon was a flock of 16 Eastern Bluebirds which landed in a tree next to the hawk tower. 

Sadly - my photos are poor - the lighting this afternoon was a little crappy. I couldn't seem to get decent photos--- but even still - I've shared a few with various crops and contrast adjustments. 

Seeing a flock of Bluebirds definitely a treat for me. Other good birds seen today were Red-shouldered Hawks, Winter Wren, Belted Kingfisher. 

Good Birding!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Basic Seasonal Sightings Oct-Nov 2019

Over the last two months, I worked almost daily (after work) on completing a basement rental apartment. This killed much of my time for nature observations - but still I occasionally got out for a nature walk - if only to my back-yard, the odd pelee trip (I had a small operation in Leamington) and just this past weekend, I even attempted to go to Holiday Beach in hopes of seeing some good raptor flights. Luckily- that basement revovanion project is officially over and I am now back to a regular work week.

This past weekend of Nov 17th - I drove around the Harrow-Amherstburg area. Lots of raptors were visible. most of them were Red Tailed Hawks - but the occasional Northern Harrier, American Kestrel, Bald Eagle, and Red Shouldered Hawk were seen.   I was hoping to see a rough-legged hawk but none were seen in my brief outings so far.

Other nice birds at Holiday Beach included a Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Common Gallinule, Hairy Woodpecker, and Ruddy Ducks.

In October, I had to have a small operation in Leamington, and afterwards, I simply went for a walk along west beach in the afternoon. Some nice birds included Blue Headed Vireo and Winter Wren - which are expected at this time but still nice to see.

I hope I can catch up a little on my nature walks soon and hopefully see some end of year migrant rarities that are showing up all over the province. Even if I just seen the most common birds - its still great to get some fresh air and some exercise that nature observation brings. But still, I would love to find a Harris's Sparrow, or a Black throated Sparrow as they have been found in other parts of Ontario in the last month or so. Red Phalarope showed up in Blenheim during a mid-week snow storm... this would have been a lifer but I guess I will just save some birds for retirement.  I guess some birders have amazing luck and talent!!

Its almost time for the end-of-year summary ... but we are in mid-november so there is no time to sit around and be reflective yet. I need to get out and discover something!

December Target Bird:  Rough Legged Hawk

Good birding!


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