About Me
I grew up in Windsor Ontario and have always been interested in nature. I re-discovered Ojibway Park about 10 years ago and just found it to be a wonderful place to go for a walk a relax in nature. I am a father of two boys and a husband to a wonderful wife.

Some of my interests include (in no particular order): Nature, Birding, Butterfly Watching, Moth Watching, Botany, Photography, Politics, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Investing, Bicycling, Kayaking & Canoeing, Science, BBQing, Whiskey, Mechanical Watches (Horology), Numismatics (mild interest), Home Improvement, (esp Plumbing, Electrical ), Gardening, Travel,  Astronomy, Education and Technology. 


I have owned several pairs of binoculars - and my favorite binoculars have been Nikon Monarch 5. I own 2 pairs actually - I pair that I keep at my house and one in my car. In my personal opinion - Nikon Monarchs are the best performance for the money at around $300 CND. (Update: Since fall 2020 Vortex Diamondback HD 8x42)

Around Christmas of 2020 - I have gifted myself with a Celestron 80mm Straight Scope with a Sturdy Manfrotto tripod with a fluid head. --- Its been amazing for not just birding but astronomy as well.

I have been using a Canon 7D for the last few years with various lenses. I used a Sigma 150mm-500mm lens, then switched to a 400mm Prime Canon L lens. I also use a Canon 55-250mm lens for botany and butterfly watching. Which brand is best? I've seen amazing photography from every major camera brand. My digital workflow is pretty primative - for example - I just shot with large JPG format (not raw), I never use flash or tripods - just handheld in ambient light. I would like to look into Full Frame Mirrorless cameras when my current camera dies on me. I use Google Picasa as an image editing tool to crop and label many of my photos. 

Please feel free to contact me (yahoo.ca):
dwaynejava at *domain*



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