Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Camera Tech - Some thoughts


I have used a Canon 7D camera for most of the life of this blog, perhaps over the last 10+ years. It is a crop-sensor, pro-body camera aimed at nature enthusiasts. Recently though, my camera fell as it was mounted to a tripod, and crashed onto its side, jamming the mirror mechanism inside.

I was camera-less for a week or two, and what I was hoping to do is buy a canon DSLR camera off Kijiji for ~$500 until an upcoming camera is released - a full frame mirrorless camera called the Sony Alpha 7 (version iv).

I had found a full frame used camera at henry's for $600, a Canon 5D ii --- but after owning for a week, I had returned it as I felt that a camera that is a good part of $1K that is 12 years old, and with a crappy battery was not a good value.

A friend of mine suggested I try to "repair" my Canon 7D --- and sure enough, that advice was good advice. My 7D is working just fine again!  and I have my $680 back after returning my used Canon 5D mark ii.

So... what is the point here?

-Full Frame vs Cropped Sensor

-DSLR vs Mirrorless

-Latest and greatest vs tried and proven, older tech

Ultimately - what makes good camera tech is a mix of the camera, the lenses you have, and ones' ability to get out and use it!

I feel that my next big camera purchase will be a (Sony A7 iv) - which might be released to the market in late 2021. I have already purchased a Sony 300mm lens for that camera in anticipation of acquiring this new camera body. 

Some features I'm hoping for are:

-Great low-light capability for astrophotography

-High dynamic resolution to make photos that look like us humans see them (thing HDR)

-Better autofocus

-4K video

-A fully articulating screen

-Bird's eye recognition???

Compromise ---

Every camera has its strengths and weaknesses, and one thing I will miss from DSLR tech is the optical pentaprism view. Mirrorless cameras have a small monitor that you must look at, which is a video of what is on the sensor instead of the actual optical scene. I imagine this will be one obvious drawback from mirrorless tech. 

Thoughts? Has anyone tried mirrorless camera tech? Should I stick with DSLR tech?


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