Sunday, February 28, 2021

Northern Shrike, Red Shouldered Hawk + Bonus Astronomizing in February


Its really a beautiful time of year. The angle of the sun, the length of the day is slowly giving us a little taste of spring!  Red-winged blackbirds, Cardinals and House Sparrows have been singing their hearts out. Killdeer have returned to local fields - enlivening our soundscape. Turkey Vulture. I saw a Robin perched in a front-yard tree this week. I feel I have even seen a moth while night driving a few days ago.

Yesterday morning, I had heard that there was a Northern Shrike nearby and I made an effort to go see it. My sedentary lifestyle of sitting for most of the day is not doing any favours to my middle-aged body - so I take the effort to go for a walk on a nice weekend morning. The birds motivate me to get out there!

I had originally dipped on seeing the shrike (But I did see it later - *thanks Rick*) - but I did get a brief view of a Red-shouldered Hawk. Later I photographed a bird that I assumed was a red tailed hawk --- but after looking at it a little more ... I realized it might be a Juv Red Shouldered Hawk! (See collage  below). 

Here are three somewhat noteworthy astronomy sightings from the last week or so... Again --- I'm just starting out with Astronomy. All I am using is ( ) stellariumweb app, my binoculars, my scope, and my Canon 7D 400mm Camera on a tripod.  In each of the three scenes below, I show the stellarium app view and the photograph I was able to take. 

Cancer (Crab Constellation)  - Beehive Star Cluster 

Triangulum Constellation - C28 - Starcluster 

Gemini Constellation - M35 Star Cluster in foot of Gemini

Good Birding, Good Astronomizing!


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