Saturday, December 19, 2020

Northern Shrike Hunting at Ojibway Park in Windsor

A few days ago, someone had posted (ebird) seeing a Northern Shrike at Malden Park in Windsor ON.  After work, I went for a walk there with my binoculars and camera hoping to see this "butcher bird" from the north!

I did not see my target bird --- but still enjoyed the brisk walk at Malden. I figured I would drive down Matchette Road and try my luck near the Provincial Tallgrass Prairie area. The provincial tallgrass prairie is bordered by Matchette Road, and accross the road, you have the Coco Paving Mini mall with will be built on the former "Windsor Raceway Grounds". 

Sure enough, upon arriving to the area, I had seen a robin-sized bird perched at the top of a small tree at great distance. I could not tell from that distance what it was but sure enough ... I found my target bird! 
Sadly, I was only able to get about 50m from the bird, and the lighting and weather were crap. The photos are diagnostic at best... but its just nice to find a great bird once in a while. 

Good birding!


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