Sunday, September 1, 2019

Birding Holiday Beach on Labour Day Weekend + Black Witch at Point Pelee

I birded Holiday Beach for an hour or two this afternoon. It was cloudy and started raining, but I figured I would go for a walk with my umbrella!

As always - Labour Day Weekend is a great time to go birding in Essex County - with southbound warbler migration in full swing. Today, I had over 10 species of warblers at Holiday Beach. There were many birds to sort through and many went un-identified.  Blackburnian Warblers were abundant and seemed to greatly outnumber all the other species present.

I think I photographed an Olive sided Flycatcher - although I might be mistaken on its ID. It was a little more in the interior canopy than I am used to seeing them!

Rick from Leamington informed me on Saturday that there was a Black Witch Moth being seen at the Barn Swallow Canopy by the tip of Pelee. I was unable to twitch this moth but Rick was gracious in sharing his photo with the blog readers.  Thanks Rick!

Good birding!

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