Friday, November 16, 2018

A Brant New Lifer (#410).... Brant Goose at Jack Miners in Kingsville

I've been birding for almost 10 years - and for the most part - I've been fortunate enough to see over 400 species of birds. One species of Goose that I've always wanted to see was a Brant. They are quite a bit more common just a few hours north of Essex County - such as in Sarnia and Toronto/Hamilton area.

So today I was printing out some colouring sheets from the internet after work and checked my email. Rick from Leamington had discovered a Brant at Jack Miners and posted his sighting to Wepbirds - a local birding list-serve (Google Group actually) that Windsor Essex Pelee birders use to post local bird observations.

Upon arrival to Jack Miners, I scanned the field of ducks and geese --- and to my horror --- there was NO BRANT! I called Rick and he graciously came back to help me find it. We stood around for a while talking and low and behold --- A small "V" of Geese circled around overhead. Rick and Kit noticed one of the birds was much smaller than the Canada Geese. Miraculously --- the Goose Returned!!!  Pat S & Karen H arrived a few minutes later and also were able to lifer this beautiful bird as well.

I've included a couple of other bird photos from the last two weeks. Some were from Pelee and others from Rondeau.

Side Note:
To join wepbirds - go to and click the button [Click here to join Group]. Local birder Kory Renaud started this group - so make sure to say thanks if you see him.

Good Birding!

Lifer Summary (Last 10) -
400- Gray Jay
401- Spruce Grouse
402- Ruffed Grouse
403- Pine Grosebeak
404- Northern Gannet
405- Common Eider
406- Razorbill
407- Black Gullimot
408- Nelson's Sparrow
409 - Great Kiskadee (New for 2018!)
410 - Brant (New for 2018!)

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