Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nelson's Sparrow! Plus Autumn Botanizing at Ojibway Park (V2)

Diagnostic Photo of Nelson's Sparrow

Last weekend, Kit had informed me that he found a Nelson's Sparrow in the Hillman Marsh area. In earnest fashion, I went the following morning - but dipped on finding it. I had shrugged off missing the bird to what I usually say: "Its OK Dwayne - just save it for retirement...".  I did have a great walk though. There was abundant Bronze Coppers and I flushed a Sora while searching for the Orange faced LBJ.

Nelson's Sparrow © Rick Mayos

Nelson's Sparrow © Rick Mayos

Nelson's Sparrow © Rick Mayos

Last night, Rick from Leamington sent me some photos that he took in the afternoon (Rick gave me permission to share some of his fantastic shots). I had to try again. We found it. If only for a moment. It was almost 7pm in mid October. Jeeze - these shorter days are killing my birding attempts! Thanks Rick for helping me get on this little orange-faced jem.

Bronze Copper on New England Aster

I'm amazed that I was able to pick up 9 new lifers this year. The first 8 were obtained by traveling though (4 in Algonquin Park, 4 in New Brunswick). I picked up about 7 new butterfly species this year as well (Pinery, Wallaceburg, Manitoulin Island). I've also racked up many new plant species this year as well. More on that later.

Some recent botany efforts of autumn wildflowers include: Nodding Ladies Tresses Orchid, Fringed Gentian, Willow-leaf Aster , Riddell's Goldenrod, among others.

Finally - I had read recently that Blake Mann has been blogging for 10 years. I must credit Blake for being a major influence on my birding efforts. I think when I found Blakes blog, I read many (ok - all) of his older postings and I couldn't help but be amazed at what he was seeing.  Thanks Blake for sharing your talents and knowledge. Congrats on 10 great years!

Good birding!

Lifer summary:
400- Gray Jay
401- Spruce Grouse
402- Ruffed Grouse
403- Pine Grosebeak
404- Northern Gannet
405- Common Eider
406- Razorbill
407- Black Gullimot
408- Nelson's Sparrow


  1. Thanks for the mention! One of the reasons I started the blog was to get information out there for birders and naturalists. It has been fun!

  2. Congrats, Dwayne! And a big congrats to Blake as well - his blog was the first one I discovered as a fledgling birder and I continue to enjoy his frequent posts.



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