Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fantastic, Phenomenal Phalarope Flocks

Most people in southwestern Ontario probably know about the long-staying Phalaropes at the East Essex S.L. The funny thing about this sighting was that day by day, it seemed more Phalaropes incrementally appeared. I had gone on one occasion and I had not seen any. Then on my second try, I was able to see 5 Red-necked Phalaropes and 2 Wilson's! I also had a Kory and Jeremy H sighting!

At Ojibway, I have not been too active recently due to the fact that I've taken four university night courses this summer. The occasional walk has revealed some decent sightings though. I had seen a small family of four Eastern Bluebirds (both parents and two juveniles).  Back in early August, Dense Blazingstar was at peak bloom. I made it out occasionally just to appreciate how cool they are. I also noted my first square stemmed Monkeflower (Mimulus ringens).

I've come across a few good birding related articles over rhe last few days and thought i would share. Great reading!

Rise of the Millenial Birder

Birdwatchers Behaving Like Paparazzi

Great website devoted to TICK AWARENESS

How to avoid bone-headed birding mistakes

The Birdist's top 100 rules for Birding

Good Birding!


  1. Finally got Wilson's yesterday at Blenheim. Apparently 8 Wilson's at Blenheim today. An epidemic!

    1. Excellent! Congrats on the Stork. It delivered! -DM

  2. Most of the top ten things regarding tick encounters are right on. However there are a couple of things the author is off on:
    -it doesn't take 24 hours for the tick to be on to transmit the spirochete that causes Lyme Disease. It may only take two or three hours once it starts feeding; some specialists will say it can take even less time.
    -you can also get Lyme disease from an infected person, not just from a tick bite. The sharing of body fluids between spouses, for example, can transmit the disease from an infected person. Also a pregnant woman can pass it along to the baby.


    1. Allen, thanks for the comments. Much respect for all the experience you have with these little insects. I would imagine that getting Lyme from a tick could be less about time and more about how much pressure was place on its bloated abdomen as it bites it's host. Thanks for the input. It would be interesting to pass that information on to that website. It is run by the University of Rhode Island. I thought you might find that source interesting. -DM



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