Friday, October 7, 2016

Backtrack birding - Late April at Point Pelee

Back in late April of this year, I had joined the Essex County Field Naturalists on a field trip to Pelee Island [link]. But before I boarded the ferry at 9am... I did a quick walk at Pelee in the early morning hours. I hindsight, I had a pretty good morning. (lol!)

Some highlights included: Rusty Blackbird, Orange Crowned Warbler, Blue winged Warbler, both Waterthrushes and a few other goodies...


On the ferry ride home from Pelee Island, I had read that a Black neck Stilt was found in the onion fields near Hillman Marsh. This was my second Stilt that I've seen near Hillman Marsh. A fantastic shorebird for sure!

Good Birding!

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