Thursday, August 25, 2016

Snowy Egrets at Big Creek in Amherstburg

I went birding this afternoon at Ojibway Park and met up with Kit. We walked the tallgrass prairie area but other than a brief pocket of warblers it was pretty quiet. I did get really good looks at a Southbound Canada Warbler which was nice. I think it might be my first southbound Canada Warbler at Ojibway. Canada Warblers are my favorite Warbler Species! Common Nighthawks were noted flying overhead at Ojibway.

After our walk, Kit asked if I had seen the Snowy Egrets in Amherstburg. We headed out and sure enough we saw our target birds - two Snowy Egrets! We were hoping to pick out a Little Blue Heron but no, none were seen. Kit mentioned he still hasn't seen a Horned Lark, and along concession 7, just outside of Holiday Beach, I found some in a recently ploughed farmers' field.

Canada Warbler at Ojibway Park

False Smooth Foxglove at Ojibway Park

Good birding!

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