Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Whimbrel & Godwits in Flight - Shorebirding at Wheatley Harbour

After hearing about a Ruff at the Hillman Shorebirding cell, I headed out the the Hillman shorebird cell after work to see if could partake in some good shorebirding. Upon arriving at the site, I walked briskly to the shorebird cell because I had limited time on my hands. Just as I arrived, hundreds, if not thousands of birds took to the air ... and left! The shorebird cell was birdless! All that remained was a Peregrine falcon. One lady suggested checking out Wheatley Harbour - the Whimbrel might have stopped by there... And so I went. Sure enough, this flock of about 13 Whimbrel, and one Marbled Godwit circled around the harbour several times. It seems like they were trying to land on the beach where are large group of gulls were sitting, but they would abort their landing attempt and recircle the harbour again and again. Eventually, they seemed to head back toward Hillman.

Going back to last Saturday, I walked around at Point Pelee with hopes of finding a Worm Eating Warbler and Perhaps a Prothonotary Warbler.  I missed out on both of those target birds but instead saw Canada Warbler, and finally caught up with the long staying female Praire Warbler. I think I've only seen Prairie Warblers on three other occasions - and all three of those were male so it was nice to see a female. 

Good Birding!

Bonus Botany - Sharp Blue eyed Grass at Ojibway - This particular species graces the cover of the Audubon field guide for (Eastern) North American Flowers

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