Friday, July 17, 2015

PPNP in the News + Butterfly Watching, Botanizing Pre Ojibway Bio-blitz

Point Pelee National Park is getting 11.2 Million dollars from the Government for improving the park on several fronts. See this link for more details:  [evernote].  I can't help but think that 1 million of that money could have easily bought the old Windsor Raceway land from Coco Paving to improve the <1% of Ontario's tallgrass prairie habitat.

The Ojibway Park Bioblitz is taking place this Saturday July 18 and I wanted to get out and observe some wildlife as this event approaches. If you are interested in joining this event read more and register here: .

I did some pre bio-blitz scouting earlier this week with a focus on Leps at Ojibway. The butterfly-watching has been a little slower it seems than normal. Fritillaries and Browns are very present, but it seems that hairstreak volume and diversity has been low this year.  Some butterflies I noted this week were:

American Copper
Coral Hairstreak
Edward's Hairstreak
Acadian Hairstreak
Little Glassywing
GS Fritillary
Red Admiral
Pearl Crescent
American Lady
Commas and Question Marks

Acadian Hairstreak hiding in this Michigan Lily

Some botanical highlights included Culver's Root and Indian Pipe (a plant that has no chloroplasts!) were noted this week at Ojibway.

Culver's Root 

Indian Pipe

Some birds that I noted at Brunet Park in Lasalle was a nice view of a female Indigo Bunting and an obliging Eastern Wood Pewee.

Good birding!

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  1. A fun area (Ojibway) to check out!
    We did find lots of the sedge skippers on the bioblitz--Dukes' at Brunet and lots of Black Dash at Spring Garden, some Broad-winged and Mulberry Wing.
    I was happy to get American Coppers at Spring Garden in the usual area!



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