Saturday, April 4, 2015

Would You Fight For a Tree?

The huge Sycamore on the left of the picture was minutes away from being cut down. [Photo from Google Maps]

All this talk of great trees lately made me think of a story that took place two or three years ago here in Windsor. The story goes that a tree trimming truck showed up to a lot to cut down a giant, majestic Sycamore (pictured above on the left) near Roseland Golf Course in South Windsor. 

Neighbors quickly noticed, and a confrontation took place between the tree cutters with chainsaws and the neighbors. One of the workers supposedly got his foot run over by a man in a car, and the driver may have gotten in some trouble for doing that... But, the tree still stands today. 

Another hero is made known in this story. A local entrepreneur brokered a deal between the landowner and the city to not cut the tree down. I'm not sure if the details were published but I think its a pretty amazing story. Who among us would physically confront men with chainsaws? I think all involved with this story are great people. The neighbors that stood up for the tree, the workers who stepped back after being confronted, the landowner for keeping the tree even though he could make more money by severing his lot and selling it on the real estate market. A local entrepreneur deserves thanks as well for helping to find an ongoing solution to the problem. 

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  1. Possibly. But in Chatham-Kent it is almost a losing battle!

  2. Yes, Dwayne-- I have fought for " one" tree--on two occasions that come to mind, and a whole town block of trees on another occasion ! Long stories. But the funniest was while teaching Kindergarten, we had a knotty old apple tree immediately by the classroom window. It was amazing how many Spring birds stopped in that tree--and how many "milk carton " feeders it would hold. LOL I threatened to circle that tree with all my "little ones" !! The tree stayed--at least until I retired !



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