Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Windsor LaSalle Butterfly Count 2014 (v2)

Monarch on Butterfly Milkweed - Butterfly watchers are happy to see a slight population rebound from last summer

Last July, I did a review of the Windsor LaSalle Butterfly count for 2013 [link]. So I figured I would continue tradition this year. This year's count took place on July 5th, 2014. I actually didn't officially take part in this year's count. My son had a soccer game on that Saturday morning but I was able to catch up with the butterfly census about an hour after it started at Brunet Park in LaSalle.

Its always fun to see a bunch of Hairstreaks nectaring on Butterfly Milkweed

Interesting Notes from this years survey:

  •  1,787 individuals of 49 species for the 2014 butterfly count (1,471  of 52 species in 2013)
  • 19 Monarch butterflies as opposed to last year's 3 Monarchs [link]! The 10 year running average for Monarchs is 32 for this count (source: http://www.ojibway.ca/nabc2012.pdf). I actually have finally seen a few Monarchs this year (starting with this recent count) at Ojibway and Point Pelee.
  • No American Coppers this year (I did see one earlier in the season though)
  • No Mulberry Winged Skippers this year- A species that I was going to really try to catch up with...
  • A worn Northern Oak Hairstreak was found at Brunet Park a new species for the count!
  • Edwards, Acadian, Coral and Banded Hairstreak are pretty easily found at Spring Garden area, and huge numbers of Hickory Hairstreaks were seen at Brunet Park in LaSalle this year (100+)
Here are some pictures I took while butterfly watching on or around the butterfly count...

At one point of our walk, we noticed a giant bumble bee nectaring on milkweed flowers, and then a second giant bumble bee... No... A Snowberry Clearing Moth nectaring on the same plant as a bumble bee! The Snowberry Clearwing moth is a bumble bee mimic and it was cool to see them nectaring side by side!

My son and I also went to Point Pelee after the butterfly count (July 6th) to see what we could find along East Beach ... Lots of butterflies were to be seen but highlights included 1-Pipevine Swallowtail and 4-Striped Hairstreaks.

Good Butterfly Watching!


  1. That might be a record-high count for Striped Hairstreak at Point Pelee -- I hope you send me details on what you saw that day. First Pipevine Swallowtails of the year as well!



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