Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Point Pelee Birds Report 2013 & EC's 7-Day Forecast

Just in time for the arrival of Spring is the Point Pelee Birds Report for 2013. Check it out at this link here:

Some Comic Relief about the 7-Day forecast and our brutal winter:

 I also came across this cool map with many of Essex County's popular birding spots in an interactive google map. I've embedded it into this posting but might be seen better in its own page [link].

View this in own page with this [link].

View Windsor Essex Birding Sites in a larger map

The interactive map provides a google map of most Essex County's Birding Hotspots. Push pins and descriptions given for:

Point Pelee National Park
Wheatley Provincial Park
Rondeau Provinical Park
St. Clair National Wildlife Area
Hillman Marsh Conservation Area
Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Ojibway Nature Centre
Pelee Island *
Big Creek Conservation Area
Cedar Beach Conservation Area
Cedar Creek Conservation Area
Devonwood Conservation Area
Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary
Kopegaron Woods Conservation Area
Maidstone Conservation Area *
McAuliffe Woods Conservation Area *
Ruscom Shores Conservation Area
Tremblay Beach Conservation Area

Pretty Cool! * I don't think I've been to some of these locations!

Today's birding highlight was flushing an American Woodcock while walking at Ojibway Prairie today. I had a good look at it as it flew about 40m away from me but I must say I still have not seen one sitting on the ground in plain daylight.

Good birding,


  1. Point Pelee Bird Report for 2013 --- There is a REVISED and UPDATED (better) version that should be posted on the OFO website shortly. Stay tuned!

  2. Fun find on the Woodcock. I only have the wishful thinking that I flushed one this fall up north, but never really saw it. I hope you visit some of the spots you've not been to on that "cool" map... that means more fun posts for us your readers to enjoy! ;)

  3. McAuliffe Woods is a great place, especially in the morning. I had my FOY Eastern Towhee there yesterday along with a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Hermit Thrush, Eastern Phoebe, Golden Crowned Kinglet etc.
    A woman I met on the trail said that Indigo Buntings are spotted here along with several warblers.
    Yesterday at Derwent Park (beside Place Concorde) I had my first Brown Thrasher and I've scared up a woodcock twice now. This place can get quite 'birdy' during migration.
    It's so exciting that spring migration is here!!!

  4. Also, Harrow Participark can be birdy as well. You can park at the Arena and cross the field to the entrance of the woodlot.



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